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1996: While skiing behind my dad’s old Sea Ray (the greatest, fastest ocean capable ski boat ever built), I hit two boats makes at same time went OTF and the ski hit me in the head... Nine stitches and a trip to the Whitesboro emergency room

2003: 1st full season @ MSC, I went OTF skiing at our primary site and the ski whacked me right between the eyes. I had no idea I was that flexible. 3 Stiches and a black eye...

2004: Sprained my ankle while I was skiing my 22 off pass at 34 mph because the fin on my ski broke off. I made it to 4 ball – head 1st.

2005 – I had a trailer jack give way amd the trailer landed on my foot, breaking all my toes. I wont the ski club’s Broken Ski Award for it.

2011 and 2012 amd 2013: I am still suffering tennis elbow and undergoing PT for it.

Other injuries 2013: I plead the 5th as I would like to not receive the BSA again.
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