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Stupid injuries

Anyone wanna share some retarded injuries. I've had some stellar ones and 2 this weekend sparked my memory

Last season: Opened engine cover only to be slammed by a roller to have my hand go thru the belt. That one stung.

3 years ago: Jumped a baby gate to land on a sippy cup and broke my foot down the middle and got a nice sprain out of it. Was bench for 6 weeks of a summer in a boot.

Saturday-Rebuilding my rear bench. Neighbor startled me saying hi and I turned around stepping onto a 4 inch nail through my boot. Thank god for an inch and a half of wood and a half inch of boot sole or that puppy would have reallllllllllllly hurt.

Not so painful sunday. Trigger popped out of staple gun. Had it on my lap and evidently the safety pin on the end doesn't work if the trigger pops off. Shot a staple right into my had. Priceless look on my girls face when I walked into the kitchen asking if she'd pull it out. Didn't hurt a bit but was hysterical for me.
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