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Originally Posted by east tx skier View Post
You need to pull up the floor board section to which the motorbox is mounted (at the hinges), and put some sort of reinforcing material beneath the screw attachment points. That honeycomb aluminum stuff was no match for the force of the screws and tiny washers used from the factory. I used a small strip of treated plywood and some large washers and it worked great. You may need some longer screws.

If I recall correctly, your boat has two removable floor pieces, and the hinges are attached to a very small piece. You might just want to replace the entire piece with something more durable and waterproof.
The small floor section to which the motorbox is mounted is ok at the hinges. The problem is with the two screws that go through this small section and into the boat. There is a screw on each side of this small section. The holes in the boat have stripped out and elongated do to the force of the gas cylinders over time (at least that's my guess). I would like to do away with the screws and find some other way to keep the motor box from sliding rearward.
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