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Originally Posted by Finnsdad View Post
Thanks to record warm temps, we went from ice fishing to 54* water in 2 weeks. Went out skiing last night, chilly but still fun! Here are some pics... check out that flat wake!

Dues it seem like my ski is riding too much out of the water in my turn?
Pic 1: You've let off the pull in the worst possible place - behind the boat. This is going to cost you a disastrous OTF faceplant or injury. Hold your pull through the whole wake, then switch edges for the preturn.

Also in Pic 1: Point your right shoulder towards the boat, not int he direction you want to travel. Closed shoulders will get you nowhere.

Pic 3: your arms are bent - need to straighten them out. Your pull is coming from your arms. not the core. Straightening your arms will help.
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