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Originally Posted by Cobra Rob View Post
Falcon punch..

But yes as we have gone back to the dock to pick up the straggler girls who are always late and never on time, I usually nose in with the pickle fork and have them just quickly board that way.

They look so offended when I tell them to take off their shoes/heels/dirty rock embedded flip flops etc as I float 4ft from the dock actually waiting on them do it rather than just saying yeah yeah.

Also brings up the point of girls bringing enough baggage for a 2 week trip when I already have towels and everything they could need on board.. Unless it's filled with Ice or drinks leave that crap in your car. The x45 has a ton of storage but I need you going in and out of your crap 90 times in a day either.
...with that happening, they WILL take them off and after that I make them stand up on the seat, usually in the bow, so they don't hit the platform when I hit the throttle... backwards in that case...

...after that they're usually happy not to have worn their high heel shoes...
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