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The first weekend for most is Memorial weekend but a few of us usually start early May. My wife wont even go before Memorial Weekend which sucks because I would go in April but finding others even a driver is tuff. We usually hang out around goat island if you go west from devils fork campground past hill creek the lake gets narrow and is protected by hills so you can usually find some glass water. We go back in the channel pretty far when the lake is up and you're usually safe til Sept and then the lake starts getting low. Stay in the middle and don't go past 263 bridge until someone shows you the area or take it slow and watch the depth but the water is pretty murky back that far. I haven't been up this year so I don't know what the level is but it's usually really high this time of year. Someone usually sets up a course around Heber Springs Park/Sandy Beach near the dike behind the marina but that's the only course I know of on the lake but that is the other side of the lake from where most of us hang out and finding glass is pretty difficult over there except for early morning or after dinner. With a 190 I assume you're mostly a skier or footer.
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