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Originally Posted by JLowder View Post
Yes, she will win again. The GOP in my state gave up many years ago. Look at Gov. Moonbeam. Meg Whitman had all the money and GOP support and still couldn't beat Brown. The GOP realized California is a waste and stopped spending money on large state elections. Don't even bring up Arnold either, because he was as liberal as they come.

I too have thought about moving to another country. Problem is, haven't yet found one better... That being said, I did have a friend visit Warsaw Poland recently. Loved the people. Said most attended church and being that they suffered first hand communist rule, gun ownership was encouraged.
Feinstein wins mostly by taking the large cities (SF, San Jose, LA, Sac, etc). Unfortunately no stopping that freight train. Maybe someday it will crash and burn. CA would be a really good state without those cities.
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