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What's my X-7 tandem trailer worth ?

Thought I'd post this here as well as it's a trailer made for an X-7.

Long story short on this is that we had our 2009 X-7 written off last summer due to storm damage. The tandem trailer was not involved and is in excellent condition, there's plenty of wear on the rubber, and the wheels are in perfect condition with the exception of a small scuff on one of the rear passenger side wheels.

We were fortunate enough to have full coverage on the boat but still own the trailer. Any ideas/suggestions as to how much the trailer is worth on it's own ?

Just so everyone has the additional background information, the auction company elected to not buy the trailer from me and split up the boat and trailer. Poor decision on their part IMHO as the trailer will definitely help sell the boat and raise their potential price.

TIA for any advice !

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