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Originally Posted by mikeg205 View Post
Ah this is a slippery slope... unfortunately our leaders continue down a path once a gate is open.....
That's how the crap starts--Slick Willie and others who help start the housing mess under the pretense that everyone needed a house. Most all of us can understand that, but the details is what killed us. What most people don't understand, I guess, is that this isn't about helping anyone except a select few. This is about votes and staying in power and being part of the up and coming ruling class, if history proves it to be correct. Chuck Colson hit the nail on the head years ago when he said we are giving up personal freedoms and benefits for things we think will help us. When in reality we are selling out and the results will not be good. I'm a vet, my son is a Persian Gulf war vet, my father in law 2 combat tours, missing in action for a time, vet of Vietnam. My uncles were WWII vets and one a German POW. This p... me off! So many have given so much and this stuff goes on.

My Dad always drove home the point by telling me that no one owes me anything--I had to get up off my ###and go to work. I have done that all my life and it sure hasn't hurt me but that just doesn't seem to be the model now days. If those interviews Jay Leno does of the people off the street being asked questions about the who, what, when and where events of the world doesn't tell us the story then I don't know what will. Just promise them something for nothing and you get elected and those of us who work pay for it.

Sorry for the rant but this s...Ks!!
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