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Originally Posted by GoneBoatN View Post
One of the problems with analyzing data is knowing exactly what you are looking for at the time you are looking at the data. So there is a need to keep it. Seems to me terrorism is typically long planned out. Terrorist operate over a long period of time. It would be necessary to keep the information for a long period of time to be useful.

The point becomes that the information is used only for the intent that it was obtain and that it does not become public. IMO someone stating "wiggle room" (surely the document does not use these terms) is using FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) to incite people rather than state facts. I myself would want to know the details before passing judgement on it. I myself believe that to this day the CIA and others are a necessary evil.

But, yes I did skip over that part while reading/skimming the article.
No argument on this.

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