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Originally Posted by homer12 View Post
How about just sell it, not take the depreciation expense, and get one of the same year when you get back? Then you don't have the expense or worry of storing it, unless you are attached to it... which I get
Yeah, that's a consideration, along with selling the SRT8 Charger. Any other arrangement at home and both would be on Craigslist already, but we are fortunate enough to have a large detached shop, so storage is a no brainer and no cost.
Deprecition wise, have had it for 3 years now and could still sell it for as much or more than I paid for it, got the stereo and a bunch of other work that I'd prefer not to re-do as well. Besides with the low hours on it, and popularity of X2's, I'm guessing/hoping that it will still be worth about the same a couple years from now.
I am sort of attached to it, but it's not like it's a classic or appreciating in value.
Also have no financial need to get rid of it.
So that's kind of 50/50 deal right now.
If I sold it, I'd probably just have a bunch of cash in the bank for 2 years and then go spend it on pretty much the same boat.
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