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Thanks Guys! I am excited to get everything moving along. As you will see in the photos my steering cable was seized to the guide tube. I tried to get it to break free with heat and PB Blaster but it was too far gone. I have ordered a new steering cable and it should be here Friday. I am not looking forward to fishing that thing through the inaccessible portions of the boat. I am going to try and use either my fish tape or a LOT of duct tape. I have already had the rudder box rebuilt by the dealer so mechanically this boat should be basically next to new(for its age). I believe the transmission has under 300 hours. I have a few issues with the trailer that I need to deal with - ie. someone has removed the brakes. I might have a scrapper boat in town that I just found out about today, it was damaged by a tree falling through it. If i get it, it will come with a painted trailer, which I am fine with. I have no use for a salt water trailer and will probably sell mine in the condition it is in, if I can get the other trailer. I have tried, to no avail, to get the actuator out of my trailer. Those pins will not budge a centimeter. Can't wait until my steering cable comes in Friday and I can take this beast out for a spin. I took at photo of the shifter because the metal is pitting. I have heard that can be remedied, is that correct? is there something I can put on there ie. polish? Thanks for all the help guys! I'll upload the photos of the weekend excursion when i get in Sunday.
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