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Originally Posted by 98Prostar205 View Post
where did you wind up mounting your depth transducer?
Mine was epoxied to the bottom of the hull just next to the shaft. Mine is NOT a thru-hull type transducer. Just one that is epoxied to the inside. The temp sensor was positioned in the old pitot location and I reused the rubber tubing hole for the temp sensor wires.

If you already have a hole in your hull, some of the transducers have build in temp sensors too.

I just didn't want to drill through my boat bottom if I didn't have to.

The drawback of my water temp sensor is when I'm moving at full speed. Once the sensor is out of the water, it spikes up. As soon as you slow down and get it submerged again, it only takes about 30 second to aclimate to the lake water again.
- Jeff

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