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Originally Posted by Scot View Post
Back to topic,

I put the strut on my garage floor with a tri-square on each side and measured from each sqaure to the center of the tube. It's cocked centered in the front and cocked a good 1/4" to the port side in the back. Which explains why the shaft rides on the starboard log wall. I have three options as I see it, and shimming with fiberglass, washers, etc is clearly not one of the best.

1. Grind down the front port side of the base to reposition the tube to a centered position. Of course it will never be in its stock position this way

2. New strut

3. Take this one to a machine shop and have them true the tube up and plane the base.

Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, I like #2 and #3 the best but maybe thats OCD?If its between those two its a simple cost comparison.

Also, is 5200 definitely the best adhesive to use here? As much as I would like to think this strut will be on there forever, I'm not gonna bet my life on it. Came off pretty easy, but not sure if its been off before.
Perhaps it is just the angle of the picture, but it looks like your measuring may be flawed by the garage floor not being true (no surprise there). Did you check to see if the measurements for A & B are the same? It does appear to be offset to the port side slightly though.
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