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hard to tell by the quality of the sketches which is upper & lower floors ... and arrangements... but looks like a great lot / location overlooking the lake. Stairs can be tricky if too narrow, too steep and I always think of moving furniture between floors (you might not have that issues if walkout on both floors). I also add a bit more space in garages which are usually cheaper since unheated/uncooled (can lower overall $/sq ft). I also plan on zoned heating/cooling & water heaters to where main living area is separate from spare bedrooms where a portion can be turned off or down when not being used. I designed numerous homes over the past 35+ years and am always looking to cut down on unnecessary/unneeded halls to add that sq footage into more usable/liveable space. You can also design to make more energy efficient with little things that still offer nice appearance.

I would really like to see clearer sketches of the layout and might could offer some suggestions.
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