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Originally Posted by bturner2 View Post
I like my Hyperlite Murray. Not sure if it's what you'd like though. It's a rather loose but forgiving board. Being loose and having shallow fins you have to use the rails to cut with. Rides a lot like an over-sized trick ski. I occasionally ride out in Lake Erie which even on calm days has it's share of rollers. It seems to do well for me on a mix of conditions.

I had a Ronix One that had tremendous pop but it liked to catch edges. You really had to be on with that board or take a rather nasty digger. At my current level of riding I'd much rather slide out of a situation than take a face plant.
The one is definitely a board you need to charge all the time and be in the right position or it can punish you. The newer shape isn't that bad, but its predecessors where killer
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