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Transmission is done, garage is clean, waiting till thursday to drop it in. Between now and then I hope to have my strut aligned. A few pics:

First one is a little tool I made out of a PVC adapter, bushing, and dremel tool to hold the shaft in the middle of the log while I mess with the strut.

Next pics show how the strut sits with the shaft centered, strut loose, and my left hand lifting lightly on the back of the shaft. There is a gap along the starboard side of the strut and at the back as well.

I am thinking I will try a flat washer along the aft and starboard bolts, leaving the front three port side bolts flush against the hull, then tighten up and see how it sits before I bed it. If it is still not centered well I will use some thick glass mat with poly resin (dries quick and I am working against gravity). No big deal, but hope the washers work well enough
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