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Originally Posted by thatsmrmastercraft View Post
The lanyard issue isn't just a MC problem. Any application of the lanyard eventually results in it's failure. Our Evinrude outboard lanyard died, a friend's snowmobile had one that died....... As far as corrosion goes, it is a never-ending nemesis to the used boat owner. I think I have finally taken care of every electrical and mechanical connection in my '77. Time to start over to stay ahead of the corrosion this time. Buy a big tube of dielectric grease and use it on every electrical connection. Don't need a lot, but it makes a huge difference.
Ok, that's great advice!! I couldn't agree more with keeping ahead. I will do that for sure.

Do you think just disconnecting the purple wire is a good idea? and not to sound like a total idiot, when people refer to the "purple wire" they are talking about the wire that is attached to the kill switch, correct?
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