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So, I spent some time educating myself on the way wells work, etc. and while I am no expert, between the advice I've gotten hear and what I have gathered from other sources, I feel better about messing with things.

So, went out to the well head on Tuesday evening and while the pressure gauge coming off the well head was reading nearlu 60psi, the one after the gas passes thru the Little Joe Regulator was only reading 2-3psi. This gauge just seemed very odd and looked like it did not work right so I shut everything down and removed it.....after taking all pressure off of the gauge and reseting it, it never moved from the 2-3, in fact I dropped it once and it went up to about 6 and stayed there for a while. So, I went to Lowes, bought a new gauge, put it on, turned the gas valves back on and the new gauge did not move. I proceeded to adjust the Little Joe slowly from where the oil company rep had it set and the pressure started to rise on the gauge so I stopped it at 11psi and I have not had a problem since.

Moral of the story....if you are going to judge the pressure in your line by a gauge, better make sure it works properly!!!!! (At least that is what I am going with today but I do feel more confident that I found the problem).
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