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Originally Posted by TOO-TALL View Post
Where does everyone stay hotel,campground?
Great question ... the O'Shaughnessy Reservoir does not have a camp ground and in year's past any of our overnight guests have stayed a local hotel about 6 miles or less away.

Most people make this a day trip since it is centrally located in Ohio and most people return home late that night.

Hoping that we can extend the event into a 2nd day for the intrepid few that can handle a hangover get together the next morning with surfing and slalom.

to be honest, the lake is always really empty the next morning and it allows us to do more of what we love to do.

some special VIP's have also had the mis-fortune of coming by my humble pad, and that usually results in drinking way too late into the night.

There is a camp ground nearby, I can also help with hotel recommendation and lastly ... who knows with enough interest we can check out the possibility of a "tent city" in the area of O'Shaughnessy.

We like O'Shaughnessy since it has limited traffic due to it's shape and there are no tubers or PWC's there .. we also get a permit from the City and have a good rapport with the local City Warden. They let us take over the parking lot and it has a boat show feel.

If we move the event to a venue like Alum Creek we would gain a campground but lose a lot of the other things that are nice about O"shaughnessy.

for those that attended last year, the water conditions were great all day right?

So ... hotel in the Dublin / Columbus Zoo area are good choices.

For you out of towners, the Columbus Zoo and Zoombezi Bay water park at right next to O'Shuaghnessy which makes it easier to get the family to the event.

We eat dinner at the Bogey after the event and the last 2 years we had live music which was pretty darn good.

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