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Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
Tph how many hours do you have in that build?

I may have something I'm building that I will reveal on Saturday that we can trade off for different builds if you want to build one for 7.7JL's. I'd want 4 speakers to fit though.

All I can say is what I'm building has 15 hours in it. It is hydro dipped in carbon fiber and will have lots of LED lights built in.

Get ready for an awesome custom piece. If you want one I can CNC you one and have it in a few weeks.
I'm not sure how many hours I have in it. I've been working on it a little at a time this winter. Maybe 8 - 10 hours so far. But, unlike you, I am sourcing available components and putting them together opposed to fabricating from scratch. (Sometimes, I think it takes longer to find the right materials than to assemble them.) It sounds like you have far greater resources and skills than I do. I'm looking forward to seeing your next creation.
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