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Originally Posted by kantwaittochill View Post
Like the others - I'd like to see how this was calculated.

5400lb boat + 3000 ballast + 360 lbs fuel + riders + gear + beer = about 10,000lbs?

At 10,000 lbs you'll need 3/4 to full throttle to get on plane and considerable amount of fuel and rpm to hold it. I'd say you have some idle time in there somewhere...
GPH calculated the same for my 05 x2, Xstar, and G23. I top it off at every fill and record hours between fill ups.

There certainly is some non pull time in the ballasted calc. Prob about 15 minutes of engine time for every 2.5 hours of riding. But this would be the same for all the boats.

Actually running lower RPMs on G than the we did on X star, despite about 1000lbs more weight.
2008 X star, 2005 X2

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