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Originally Posted by vision View Post
I track gph closely, mostly looking for any early signs of engine performance changes. G with 450 engine gets around 5 gph unballasted and cruising and 6.5 gph ballasted. I am sure the supercharged engine sucks more gas.

The G drafts 4" less than my xstar and its hull is bizarre. It seems to "surf" across the water when unweighted. Perhaps this improves unballasted fuel efficiency. Plus, the tab assist in almost all new boats likely helps gph compared to prev models.

Gotcha! Not bad at all! I doubt my new star will be anywhere near that good (7.4l). My X25 w/LS3 was excellent..... Right around 5gph surfing.

Come to think of it, the nautique 450hp is an LS3 as well, right?? In that case, I am not so surprised that it gets that kind of fuel economy. GenIV SBCs are excellent on fuel!
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