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Originally Posted by thatsmrmastercraft View Post
If the accelerator pump arm isn't square with the bolt it contacts with, it could slip off the edge of the bolt and get hung up. I would remove the arm and housing and slightly bend the arm to get them to line up better. Be sure not to cause a bind in the arm/housing.

As I recall, you removed the throttle blades and had issues with the screws. If you did not get the throttle blades perfectly square when you re-installed them, they are likely offset slightly and binding on one side of the throttle body. You should be able to see this with careful inspection. Just a matter of loosening the screw a little and getting it perfect. Take your time to get this right as you don't want a situation where this could bind and not close.

So as Ive been working through this, Ive been told there is supposed to be teflon bushing on the throttle shaft. Im 100% sure when I removed it that there was no bushing. How can that be? Am I missing something?

The plates were lining up wrong, I'll keep playing with it.
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