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Prostar 190 classic hull 95-97

I recently purchased, Oct 2012, a 96 prostar 190 and would love to see other 190's of this same hull and design. I've seen the prostar thread, but would like to get hull specific. No holds bared on this thread, let's get down and dirty! Don't hold back! I want photos, complete descriptions, upgrades, experiences, stories, tower or not to tower, engines, hot babes, kids, etc.... Tell us what you love about this boat, what you didn't like, how much you wished you still had it.

I'm well aware of the famed 91-94 hull, I have first hand experience, owned a 91 prostar for 5 years. I sold my 91 prostar 190 to move up a few years to the 96. Although I loved the 91 and will miss her, I wanted to get a newer model and have always loved the 95-97 hull and design. I've only had the 96 out one time for about an hour on the purchase text drive. As you can imagine I'm dying to get her out and feel the ride.

I've read the prostar history thread.

I'm mostly excited about the electronic fuel injection, but also looked forward to the claimed improved ride in rough water, more interior room, improved tracking, and reduced spray. Please share your experiences in the 95-97 prostar 190.

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