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Originally Posted by Bouyhead View Post
Thanks MikeyOrange! I'll PM you if I'm going to take you up on the offer. Where in the Southeast are you? I'm driving to FL. in the next week or so.

Well my machinist buddie was off to the races with the head, then he broke out the needle scaler and presto! my heads are no good Amazing that such a heavy casting can rot from the outdide in. This project could be a bust, buy a set of heads, gaskets, misc stuff and i'm halfway to the cost of a jasper motor with no guarentee. Go the jasper route, new carpet, interior, and i sell someone a sweet boat but don't make a profit. Arrgh!

Here's some before and after pics of the head.
Attachment 90634

Attachment 90635
Wow on the heads I had bought a bolt out kit from Sears that works really well on rounded bolt heads. The sockets really grab the rounded head and hold it tight. The kit wasn't too expensive.
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