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Originally Posted by Ski-me View Post
OK, I've looked into new lines and it seems to be a slippery slope. I'm good with the mainline being the Thermo-Plastic....that's a pretty easy decision. However, I need only about 12-13' instead of the 19'. Is the Thermo Plastic bendable enough to double up inside the frame rail?? I don't want to pinch it.

What I thought would be easy was to just use Stainless Steel for the rest of the system. What I've found is that the SS is harder/more brittle than the standard coated steel and the flaring is different. If I went SS, I would most likely get a spool of it and then cut/flare as needed.

Finally, I can't use the nice, CHEAP tube benders and flaring tools from the local auto parts store for the SS tubing. I'll need the nicer equipment to do a proper flare.

With all that said, it looks like my only option is the Thermo Plastic main and then the coated steel. Unless I'm missing something.
Look around, there are SS main line trailer kits less than 20'.
I found this Champion 16' kit in less than 30sec google search -

From my understanding, SS is MORE forgiving than steel; less likely to kink. I was gentle with my bends and had no problem. Any round item can be used as a temporary mandrel. Used a tennis ball and hammer handle as I recall.
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