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Originally Posted by Dylan View Post
Thanks. I'm more convinced that it is water spots now.

I'm in San Diego. I'd love to buy a boat here in southern CA or in west AZ. I agree with your estimates on the pricing, and am going to consider it. You guys are right inline with what I was thinking about offering.
Quick CL search, there isn't much of anything Mastercraft for sale in Phx or Vegas, right now anyway.
Doesn't hurt to check into that one, especially if you're looking for a "deal". In my experience, people that don't take good care of their high dollar stuff generally have alot of money, which means you have a better chance of taking it off his hands for a real good price.
Arm yourself with some realistic prices on decent boats, like $40k for a 06 X2 in decent shape, then run down the list of everything you know it needs to be 100% again and shoot the guy an offer. Worst case is he says no.
Being in SD, you're right, the only convienent water is salt, so no point in getting a showroom quality boat just to deteriorate it and lose more value.
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