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How about give us your geographical area instead of "exiled on outboard island" would help with the market value. IE if your're in Hawaii, you're stuck with whatever is available. If you live in Florida, get in the car ad go buy one that isn't all beat up and put a closed cooling kit on it.
WTh is that black crap near the transom? Decal, mold, big bird sh!t, red gel rubbed thru to the black?
Considering my loaded, mint, 150hr, 06 is worth low 40's (maybe $44k to the right person on the right day), I wouldn't pay but maaaaaybe $30k for that boat.
Trailer work: $1500 min prolly more
Vinyl: $5k installed.
Cut n Polish whole boat: $1000min
Ballast pumps will be junk soon if not already from the salt: $1k installed
Cover and Bimini:$1500
Anything else that isn't up to snuff due to saltwater or lack of care: $2k?

That's $12k just off the top of my head. And carpet too you said.
400hrs is nothing if it was taken care of. Could still look like it rolled off the showroom floor.
400hrs of abuse can make it look like a salvage project.
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