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at elevation like 4000-5000ft the 2 motors are closer then u think i have a friend with a LY6 in star same year as my MCX my motor is brand new with a hotter cam and he has about 6-9 lengths off the start and closed alot of the gap above 25mph then above 30 mph he pulls away everytime i know you should race boats but it was a private lake so it was in a controlled situation and about 3-6 mph top speed we are both running same props and weight is within 300lbs mine alittle heavier with extra sound equipment and aux ballast system so from what i know driving them both alot i don't see it worth the cost for me but the forced induction is appealing and wanna know who's got a setup that works and was it worth it i am not looking for a kit i know this will have to custom setup which i have no problem with gives me a spring project i know it will be intercooled and target 5-7psi and hopefully 100 hp gain my motor made 345hp at 4000 ft at 5000 rpm at the engine builders shop
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