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Originally Posted by willyt View Post
uh... no.

the boat has 2 foot long forks... a 24 footer with the interior room of a 22 footer. I'll agree with the fact that i find the star much, much more comfortable to sit in, but its definitely not a family boat.

comfort may also be a point of view though... i dont find the interior of my buddy's BMW 328xi very comfortable, yet i love the plushness of my tahoe's seats.

I agree about the "family boat" statement, although, I am not sure that Aric meant it, how you took it. It is absolutely small inside for a 24' boat, but creature comfort was definitely a major consideration, based on how it is set up, and designed.

I also understand what you mean about how comfort can be a point of view. That being said, the comparison is far beyond a point of view...... Every surface and angle in the G23 is either flat, or a 90* angle. Human bodies are not square. It is not terribly uncomfortable, but has gotta be in the bottom 10% of any boat I have lounged in.....except the helm seat. That was good. The G23 owner, that I went with a few times last year, even said that he wished he could have his SAN 230 interior back. He drooled all over the seats in my X25.... I drooled all over his healm layout, instrumentation, touchscreen setup, lounge volume, wakes, and locker storage.
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