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Originally Posted by Tristar Racing View Post
Yea, the Xstar looks sportier, and I get I am not going to change anyone's mind on a MC forum. I would say reserve the whale comments until you see it on the water (looks much better than on land/on a trailer), and definitely reserve the "not comfortable" comments on the interior until you have spent a day on the water.

Ironically, I have spent the day in a G23...... on more than one occasion. Looks better on the water, sure. Still not a fan. It is definitely not nearly as comfortable as my X25. I have not spent a day on a 13 XStar, so I couldn't say for sure. However, the interior is very similar to the X25s that I have owned, so, i have high hopes.

I don't mean to bag on the G23, because I love that boat. It has it's advantages over the XStar, and the XStar has its advantages over the G. If my dealer was not so awesome, the choice would have been harder. I might have gone with the G for the surf wake. I stand by my comments though. The looks and comfort were big downers for me. Other than that, I loved everything from bow to stern on the G23.
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