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Previous owner ran the boat with both exhaust manifolds leaking trashing the bolts holding them on. I figure addressing the manifold bolts and two busted spark plugs would be easier with the heads off so I proceed to try to remove the heads. Now i find that some of the external head bolts are different sizes due to all the corrosion. Port side head removal goes as planned, starboard side doesn't. Of course it's the last bolt I need to hammer a socket onto the headbolt but can't with the manifold in place so I decided to remove the manifold with the trusty old lump hammer! Really hoping I can save these heads.
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Rest of the boat looks pretty good. Thought I could save the carpet but that was a no go. Having a hot water hose is the bomb for cleanig a nasty bilge on a cold day. Anyone know the reason for the patches in the floor?
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