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Originally Posted by Tristar Racing View Post
Am I the only person that thinks of a Chrysler K car wagon with the fake wood grain on the side? Not a fan of that combined with the rasta theme...

I looked at both back to back, still would take the G23 in a heart beat over the new Xstar...
I disagree as well. (Obviously)

I looked at both of them, back to back. I could not get over how much I hated the interior of the G23. It is so uncomfortable. Straight up seatbacks, square corners, unrounded seatbacks, shallow lower cushions, not nearly as plush....... And no comparison on the exterior looks. The G looks like a barge. (I dont think the star is the best looking boat on the water, but it is way sexier than the G)

With all of that said, the wakes, storage, and engineering behind the G23, are undeniable. It is one hell of a boat. However, for me, there is more to it than that. I wanted comfort and style as well, so I ordered the XStar.
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