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A few more issues I need to tackle during this installation.

Alignment is the big one. After my stringer project I had my local marine shop drop the motor back in and "align" it. I use quotations because it took two hands to turn the prop. I downloaded a list of instructions posted on here and written by a guy named Ken that seems to be pretty well written. I think I should probably run through his whole process of aligning motor to strut and then motor to shaft. Probably should pull the shaft and do strut bushings too.

One thing leads to another right?

Also considering packing issues. Three options: 1) good old repack 2) Gore Tex repack- cheap and as long as it doesnt wear out my shaft worth a shot 3) dripless system. How nice to keep water out of the bilge altogether. It seems they are pretty sensitive to misalignment? Maybe not a good idea for a boat rebuilt from the ground up by one guy who is an optometrist by day and backyard hillbilly mechanic by night?
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