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Ok, Erk and I installed the full shower kit with the pump on his 96 190 with the 275hp...

So I want to do the install now on the 94 190 with the LT1...

I think I am going to do the install without the pump for now and possibly get the complete kit at a later date.

What parts do I need to do this and what hose(s) need(s) to be cut for the "Y"?

I am thinking all I need is:

1-T connector (size?) installed between the impellar and thermostat to draw the cold water
2-Fitting to draw the hot water from the block to a Y splitter for the hoses (this is the part I am not really sure about)
4-Spicket for the end of the hose
5-Misc. hose clamps

Sorry, it has been a while since I did one of these last and most of the pics posted on here from previous installs have been deleted.

Can anyone who has done this on an LT1 post some pics?



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