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Originally Posted by Retoxtony View Post
Just wondering if anyone has replaced their carpet without splitting the hull from the top deck and what the results were like. I'm in the process of getting the boat ready for spring and the more i look at the boat i think i should replace the carpet. The boat is a 99 205dd so to do it properly i should split the boat, but i really don't know if that's something i should try on my own. So has anyone done a good job without splitting it? I generally don't like cutting corners but this time i'm thinking about it.

No need to lift the deck unless you're all about perfection. I struggled with the same issue a few months ago and when I took my machine to Viper's for skins, I decided to have the carpet replaced while it was there. Issue was now in someone else hands. They told me they would pry the edges where the deck contacted the floor and remove / reinstall and not go under the deck. Worked for me.

Others have removed a few rivets above the areas of floor contact and lifted the deck with minimal movement to tuck the carpet, still not getting under the deck. Just passing on my experience. I wouldn't worry about it. Lift the edges and cut and replace.

One last thought, Viper's did indeed remove the combing pads and replace the carpet up the sides of the hull. They also cut around the fuel cell to replace the carpet to keep from removing the cell. Again, that is not in sight when it's done.

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