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i thought i'd post some pics. you can see where i added the holes in the front and back of the elliptical cross member just infront of the tow point/light on the tower. i don't see how this routing of the wires could be done with out those "pilot" holes. for you guys that do this on a regular basis, i have new respect for what you have to deal with. if i had to do it over, i'd forget the front bar all together and just run the wire down the back leg and then the entire length of the horizontal arm like is drawn in a previous post. i was trying to avoid drilling more holes, but i hindsight, i think it would have been easier. on a positive note, the REV8s with the swivel mounts clear my bimini with no touching at all. even with the regular mounts, i think the REV10s would have kept the bimini from traveling through its natural arc. i also really like the speaker socks that i bought from Earmark with my other stuff. one of my goals with the swivel mounts was to be able to remove the speakers easily. the neoprene socks have nice handles built in that allow me to carry both speakers securely in one hand while i climb out of the boat to store them inside. another nice touch is the rubber cover that protects the connection pins on the part of the mount that stays attached to the tower.
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