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Wife and I celebrated 10 years together by going to Barbados the first week of February. Amazing island with a plethora of cool activities, such as kitesurfing. During our stay, I took two afternoon lessons at de Action Shop which were a humbling experience. As a lifelong powerboater, I have little concept for wind powered anything and I really struggled with basic kite control. I also spent both mornings surfing, so by the afternoon I was fatigued (lame excuse but sadly true). I was very close to getting up the end of day 2, but was experiencing painful chaffing from body harness and choose to call it a "close but no cigar" experience.

For really sucking bad at something, I am totally hooked! I live south of Kansas City and we have no shortage of windy conditions at our home lake near Hillsdale. It was an amazing beautiful sight to watch 30+ kite surfers riding at Silver Sands beach and I am dedicated to learning the sport this summer back here in Kansas.
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