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Originally Posted by Cobra Rob View Post
Be careful with Progressive they do not cover a lot of boat specific things like BoatUs etc.. Fuel spil cleanup, dredging, all the crap you would have to deal with if you had a total loss sinkage..
I'll have to check my Progressive policy, thanks for the heads up.
Never had a boat claim and only minor auto claims with Progressive, which they handled promptly and very fairly. I guess what really matters is how they cover the "big one" when it happens, but I and others I know have been hosed by the top tier carriers, so no reason to trust Progressive any less then State Farm, Allstate, Auto Owners or AAA Chicago Motor Club........yet.
When I first got my X2 policy from Progressive, still had my 190 insured, they wouldn't give me the agreed value that I wanted. After a call back with a little more info for an agent who was not familiar with MC wakeboats, I got an agreed value that I would have no trouble replacing everything with.
My policy doesn't renew until Aug I think, so not dure if there's a premium increase with them.
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