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Originally Posted by cewilkins View Post
thanks SKIBUMM, Also I was thinking of my floor height i measured roughly 17 1/2 inches from the top of my hull to the stringers does this sound bout right and what is the best way to get a good level floor , I thought a bout pullind a string across the top of the hull "left to right" and then measuring down would this method be ok?
That is one way, but there are some other things to consider....Have you cut the floor out yet? If not, leave a little nib that runs the outside of the hull. Use this as a starting point for measurements. Look at my pictures above and you will see the nib I left. You should be able to pull your string left to right, but you really need to check that the string is level. It may or may not be. If you measure off the string and it is not level you are only building the stringer to that height and your floor will not be level. Fiberglass thickness on the floor may also vary and throw off your measurements. You (I) would want to correct this when you go back. If you measure off the top of the deck--nib you left--minus fiberglass thickness, deck thickness etc. you should get a rough measurement of your old stringer height.

Here is what I am doing...I am planning on cutting my stringers full (1/2-1 higher than required) and then measuring off my nib (highest nib point, minus decking, glass) and then cutting the stringers level to this "correct" height. This way I can be assured that left to right is level. I am sure there are other ways to do this but this is the way I am going. My floor was not very level left to right and bow to stern. It was as much as a 1/2 inch off. I am planning on putting a little slope to the stern to aid in draining. My stringers were very rotten and are not the best for templates. I did not even have wooden secondaries only foam. I plan on getting some #2 pine to shape and test fit my stringers prior to cutting the expensive douglas fir. The pine is ALOT cheaper than the douglas fir (5.00 ft). After I get it close I will transfer my template to the fir boards.

I bought marine plywood for my transom (ex. $80.00 sheet), but I plan on going with "good" exterior plywood (A/B) for the deck. From what I read, the glue is the same only difference is the voids are filled with marine plywood. I plan on glassing the top and bottom of the deck for waterproofing. Keep a check on my thread. I am a little ahead of you on the resto and I will try to add more pictures when I start installing the stringers.

Check out this guy on youtube:
He is currently restoring a Glastron, but also has videos on a Sea Ray rebuild that he did a few years ago. I am sure the videos will give you some tip and ideas. The videos are addicting. He also has a FB page and a thread on
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