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2013 Mastercraft X-star First Impressions

Well the boats been out for a while, and ive been lucky enough to take a few sets behind it.

The boat is truley a wakeboarding boat. The attention to detail from a riders view is amazing. Just little things like ballast overfill to get the air out of the bags and top them off is great. The layout is very comfy and seems to have much more room than the old xstar. Little things like the trash can and cooler are well thought out. The dash is amazing, having just been on an G25 the layout is much nicer. Sure there are no guages but just sitting down infront of all 3 screens everything just seemed to make sense. Oh ... there are 5 heated seats in this boat!


So far we have just been using the stock ballast and plug and play... and well its is awesome. It is so much fun to ride behind. Im coming from a heavily weighted X1 (4000lbs~) and this wake with just stock and plug and play is awesome. I had trouble behind the old Xstar and did not really enjoy the shape. Im no pro and it was nice to see that even bad riders will be able tpo enjoy the boat without hte need of sacs everywhere. I cant wait till we start laying fat sacs in the middle to see how massive it gets.


Stock ballast and plug and plug just filling up the port side the wake is really nice. It has so much meat to you it that you can drop back pretty far on a smaller board and still surf the wave. No complaints there.

Trim tabs:

The auto launch feature is nice and noticable. You can tell while riding when the plat is helping the boat get on plane cause the rooster tail is massive haha, then it mellows out to a much much smaller size.

Boat Porn:

BTW this is Josh Palmas Alpinestar / Mastercraft collab boat

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