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Originally Posted by Flamethewolf View Post
I went back and reviewed what I'm being quoted and it's actually $3,500 more.. I know my dealer is trying to retain my business so I feel like I'm getting a pretty good deal. Got caught up in the whole cash rewards debacle, and had my fair share of service issues, so I've priced out a Nautique 230 and given MasterCraft the chance to earn back my business with a great deal.

I will definitely do an "in and out" when I sell my X-1... definitely want to save 6.25% and dealership will give me 30 days to get that done while my boat is on order..

I'll stay away from back.. probably will do grey's and white interior..

still not sure on the surf tabs!

thx for all the replies!
Out of curiousity where you the guy up at Ski Ranch on Saturday looking at the 30 and trying to decide on interior color schemes? I believe you had built a 30 that had the same color scheme as the X10 on the floor? If so small world, i was the guy running around waiting for some work to be done on my wakeboard, I had my son who was a little 22 month old blond kid that kep wanting to get in all the boats.
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