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Where are you in Texas? I just ordered an X30 through a great guy who my boat buying has followed from San Marcus to Austin. Are you primarily surfing or wake boarding?
Either way you do not need the surf tabs, but you do want the attitude adjustment plate. I am a huge surf nut, and have been behind tons of boats surfing. You will love the surf wake!
In my opinion there is really no reason to pay for the bigger engine. I test drove the x30 with the base engine and Acme prop and it had tons of power.
You also may want to carefully evaluate your stereo options for just a little bit more money you can get Hydrotunes to put a much better sounding system in. Essentially you order the boat with no tower speakers but with the sub. They will throw in a couple of amps, Wetsounds tower speakers and another sub for only about 3k more than you would have payed for the metal tower cans.

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