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Originally Posted by Jerseydave View Post
It looks pretty level to me, maybe a little high in front but hard to tell from that pic. Put a carpenters level under the trailer's frame rail behind the spare and see if it's level. (on level ground of course)
Dropping the tongue 1-2 inches won't gain you any tongue weight, and it's the correct trailer for that boat so you're ok. You could always put a heavy duty scale under the tongue to see where you're at.
Tongue weight is limited to 600lbs, and Im no where near that. Ill put a level on it this spring, but I think its OK. Its a self-leveling suspension too, so it won't ever sag and raise the rear of the trailer. It does rub the prop guards backing into my driveway, but I blame that on the driveway and not the trailer. I have ripped the front lip off 2 of my cars on the driveway too for not going at an angle or a bit to fast.
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