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Originally Posted by 02ProstarSammyD View Post
I thought stabil no matter what ratio wouldn't push gas life over like 6 months?
I dunno. I'm sure that I have stabilized gas that has sat in my old Jeep for a year with no problem, but you can clean the fuel system on that with a screwdriver, piece of wire and some carb cleaner.
I know about a year unstabiled gas will gum up carbs. I think the stabil may keep the gas from varnishing up for much longer, but after 2 years it might only have like 10 octane left!
My sleds and boat (all efi) regularly sit for up to 8 months, stabilized, with no issue, fire right up, ni injector isues, but I'll still be more inclined to drain the tank, but first do what footin said, dose the crap out of it and run it a bit. Then store it with an empty tank but not actually run the fuel injection system out of gas.

The car is easy. I can get someone to come over and excercise it periodically no problem.
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