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Originally Posted by bjen View Post
If he blocks the frame like he says, nothing to worry about-have to get the tires up.

Too bad you dont have someone you trust to run it, that would be best but a pain to put back to bed again after an hour or 2. I used a simple hand transfer pump with an extended hose to drain my tank, kind of rolled one side of the trailer up on a block to get it all to one end.

Have you considered putting it up for sale, 2-3 years is a long time, big chunk of the depreciation is gone already I guess but you may get into something newer for the same money in a few years. It never ceases to amaze me the low hour, quality boats that come up for sale.
Yeah I figured block the frame like you said. Then again I have yet to ever block anything up for storage with no ill effects.
Have thought about selling it. With only 150hrs and in cherry shape (orig owner never used it and I only seem to get 30-40hrs/yr) I could still sell it for more than I paid for it, but that's a tough one. Not in a position that I need to sell it and I put a fair amount of work into it already. Plus I searched a while for pretty much this exact boat, with some of the big things being no exhaust cats, no digital guages, 06 tower, black.
Don't figure I'll "lose" much by letting it sit either. Wakeboats aren't getting any cheaper!

Not sure what I was thinking on the fuel. If I pop the filler hose off the tank, should be able to suck out 95% from there without much trouble. Thanks for the suggestion there.
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