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Originally Posted by musicmd View Post
You're right about the Pilot - - - 4500 lbs. So, I'm right at the limit with the X-10 running along behind. However, the Pilot pulls it without a problem and (just as importantly), stops quickly enough when needed. I feel the boat back there but never feel like it is the one in charge.

Personally, I was interested in something with a bit more towing capacity, but my wife really liked the Pilot for its 8 passenger seating, economy and ride.

We also are a mere 3 miles from our regular launch site, so that helps. I did tow it 30+ miles to our winter storage place last Fall and the Pilot did just fine.

This Summer, we want to tow the boat to the nicer lakes just north of us and that will give me a better idea of how the Pilot does on longer trips.
Not to be the towing police, but having owned a Honda Ridgeline which has same towing as the pilot, you do realize that your towing rating is based on driver only and no additional passengers or gear. If you fill the thing with people and gear, the x10 is I think over 3000lbs plus trailer, plus any gear or fuel on the boat, I can't see how you won't be over the tow rating.

I pulled a 21' wakeboard boat with my ridgeline and it pulled fine (but did work hard going up hills, often dropping down into 3rd gear to keep 55mph) but I never had anyone else in the car with me. If you tow over the limit and get into an accident, the plaintiff's attorney may well take every penny you own.
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