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Originally Posted by mthon7 View Post
I have an 09 X-15 that I currently tow with 1/2 Suburban but am looking at a VW Toureg diesel. My Sub has a load leveling suspension which kicks in and I was a bit concerned as the new VW does not. I wondered if anyone has towed with this vehicle and if there is much squat. Pictures would be great.
The only MC's I've towed are a PS 190, Picklefork X2 and X15. All on MC tandem trailers.
Comparing the X2 to the X15, the X15 tows much lighter with respect to tongue weight.
When I hitch my X2 up to a F150, it squats bigtime.
X15 on the back of the same generation Ford Expedition (Expe loaded to the gills with 2 families (8 people) and gear stacked to the roof behing the 3rd seat) does not sag it much at all.
Shouldn't be too bad hooking up a 15 to it. (Compared to the X2 that was mentioned w/ MattsCraft)
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