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Originally Posted by brettmess24 View Post
Thanks for the opinions johne and tristar racing so far I was thinking around $38k, so far not far off. Thanks lumbergh!

Anyone ever trade in a boat or is that just asking to be abused...?
If you get a dealer that's willing to work with you, a trade in situation may work.
I traded my '03 Maristar 230 for my '05 X-star. I used the Maristar for 2 seasons and the dealer gave me $35K for it....I bought it for $40K. Plus I only had to pay sales tax on the difference so that helped.

With that said, you really should try to sell it yourself. That boat should be in high demand if it's as clean as it looks. Try the usual sites like,, ebay, wakeworld, etc. Good luck.

BTW, love that Ducati!
I was njskier on here.
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